Mar 15

What Is The ARE Forum?

To help answer the question, “what is the ARE Forum?”, it’s important to realize that there are many outside tools and resources to help you prepare for the ARE.

The ARE Forum is basically what it says it is, a forum where guests and visitors can log on and discuss all sorts of topics regarding taking the ARE. The forum is free to join and you just need to fill out some basic information to sign up.

Once you’re inside the ARE Forum, there are many discussion groups with hundreds of threads and discussions with varying topics. Discussions are broken down by ARE exam type and there are even discussions regarding larger issues such as IDP, LEED and NCARB.


Threads on the ARE Forum certainly vary in the topics. Here are some examples of what is talked about on the forum:

– Specific content questions for the multiple choice
– Post-test thoughts and reactions
– General test-taking strategies
– Outside resources and study guides
– Graphic vignette questions
– Graphic vignette practice problems


Obviously there are some excellent benefits when it comes to using the ARE Forum. Depending on your specific needs and questions, you can definitely learn a lot from the forum.

In my opinion, the greatest benefit of the ARE Forum is the help that it provides with the graphic vignettes. The vignette section of each ARE division is often overlooked by candidates, yet it is the section that is failed the most. Many people focus on preparing for the multiple choice section that they run out of time to prepare for the vignette.

Luckily, the forum is a great place to get help with your vignettes. As I’ve mentioned before, you are able to practice the ARE graphic vignettes through a software that NCARB provides. Through the ARE Forum, you can upload and post your practice solutions and get feedback from other test takers as well as the forum managers.

Each forum discussion group has a forum manager that has plenty of experience taking the ARE and can answer most of the questions you may have. It’s also nice to read through the forum to see if other people are struggling with the same vignette issues that you are having.

By uploading your practice vignette solutions to the forum, you can get a lot of questions answered and feel better about your chances at passing the ARE.

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