Creating A Blog For You

Have you ever wondered how creating a blog can be beneficial to you, especially one relating to architecture?

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By now, I’m sure that most people have heard of a blog, considered starting their own blog, or have even started their own blog before. With an unlimited number of topics and subjects to blog about, it can be quite overwhelming to create a blog from scratch so I want to discuss the various ways blogs can be used.

In my opinion, blogs are all about passion!

With so many available topics to write about, especially in the field of architecture, I would highly recommend finding something that truly excites you. Sure, you could start a blog about any topic in the world, but will you really post consistently if it’s not a topic that gets you excited?

I’ve had this problem before with some blogs that I attempted to start. I would take the time to set them up and do a few posts but when it came down to posting consistently, I never had the passion for what I was doing until I started writing about the ARE.

Topics For Your Blog

Finding that passion for your blog is essential to it’s longevity. If you’re truly excited to talk about the subject of your blog, then I guarantee that you will have success with it.

Let’s take a look at some of the blog types exist when it relates to the field of architecture. Of course if you have other interests or passions outside of architecture, this should still relate to you but I wanted to focus on architecture for now since that’s what the ARE Advisor blog is all about.

    • Architecture Blogs

There are a lot of students, interns, and architects that have such a passion for architecture that they have created blogs in order to document their interests. There are some people that have created blogs that discuss current architecture around the country and critique the designs. This type of blog is great for creating a discussion amongst classmates or colleagues as well.

There are other people that are more interested in documenting their progress and struggles in architecture so have created blogs relating more to this angle. Again, this type of blog is a good way to get a solid discussion going with other people going through the same thing.

There are unlimited topics and ideas relating to architecture blogs so there is nothing stopping you if it’s something you are passionate about. There is always an audience for a topic so it’s all about creating solid content that appeals to that specific audience.

    • Design Portfolio Blogs

If you’re interested in showcasing your design work in a portfolio format, creating a blog would be a very easy way to do it. As architects, we’re always looking for ways to show off what we’ve done either in school or in the real world so using a blog to do this is a good way to attract a variety of followers.

It’s very easy to upload and organize photos in a blog so it’s actually a very quick process to get everything set up. Of course, most blog themes are easily customizable so I’m sure you’ll want to spend some time modifying the layout of your design portfolio blog.

    • Architecture Career Blogs

In the large community of professional architects, a few architecture career blogs exist where the goal is to document and share the process of becoming an architect. These blogs can share information such as education requirements, the education process, accreditation requirements, jobs in architecture and many more.

Documenting this kind of information can be very helpful to your fellow classmates, colleagues and more importantly, prospective architects looking for guidance in the field.

Any sort of architecture career blog can be set up in a matter of minutes without any prior knowledge of building websites. If you’re passionate about the career of architecture and you’d like to start writing more about your journey, there’s no reason why you can’t start now.

    • Specific Topic Blogs

Within the subject of architecture, there are so many specific topics that you could start a blog about. Take this website for example; the specific topic of passing the ARE is something that I’m passionate about so I just started writing about the topics that I was interested in.

With that same line of thought, I can think of hundreds of topics relating to architecture alone that a blog could revolve around.

It’s really just up to you and your passion towards a specific topic. It’s so much easier to write about topics that you’re interested in or experienced yourself.

So take some time to think about what really gets you excited about architecture and how can you turn this passion into an interesting blog or website.

How To Start Up Your Blog

Even when people have a great idea for creating a blog, most of them get stuck when it comes to actually starting the blog. Many people are intimidated by starting a website or blog but to tell you the truth, it’s a LOT easier than most people think.

As of a few years ago, I had very little experience in making blogs but after throwing myself into the fire so to speak, it’s actually quite an easy process.

Learning how to start a blog really only requires 2 main things:

1 – A company to host the website and provide you with a domain name

2 – A publishing platform to physically create the website

There are plenty of options when it comes to both a hosting company and a publishing platform and it’s all really based on personal opinion. For the most part, prices of domain names and hosting are similar although a lot of hosting companies will offer deals and specials throughout the year.

1) Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting your blog, there are a few important things to look for. When I first started making blogs, I took a little bit of time to compare a few different companies and personally, I feel that there is one that stands above the rest and that is Bluehost.

I’ve used Bluehost on all of my blogs and websites for years now and I stick with them because it is an extremely user-friendly site that offers the most when it comes to web hosting. Web Hosting $6.95

It’s also important to mention that their prices are fairly standard when it comes to hosting so you may find a slightly cheaper option out there, but I would advise you to be careful because you may get what you pay for with some of the other companies.

Here are some of the key features that Bluehost offers that make them my top choice when it comes to web hosting. Remember, this is just my personal experience from my own blogs so feel free to explore other hosting options as well.

    • Unlimited Domain Hosting

Once you sign up at Bluehost, you can keep adding on an unlimited amount of domain names. This is nice for anyone that is interested in starting multiple blogs because it’s easy to keep them all organized.In addition, you can receive multiple email accounts with each domain to help keep your blog unique

    • Organized Control Panel

The main control panel for Bluehost is VERY user-friendly. You can quickly access any blog or website that you set up with a variety of tools and tutorials. To be honest, there are so many tools on the Bluehost control panel that I haven’t even gotten in to yet there are so many. Fortunately, Bluehost organizes them in such a way where it’s easy to navigate through everything.

    • Compatibility With Publishing Platforms

I think this is the most important feature that Bluehost offers when it comes to creating a blog. Remember, you don’t actually use Bluehost to build your website, you’re simply using it to HOST your website. Fortunately, Bluehost has teamed up with a variety of website platforms to offer easy set-up for your blog or website.

Personally, I use WordPress to build my websites which is very easy to do through Bluehost because they are able to set-up my website through wordpress in a matter of minutes. It really couldn’t be easier.

I know that I’ve probably overwhelmed a lot of you with all of this information about creating and starting your blog, but I’m telling you that it’s not as hard as it seems.

I would certainly recommend taking the time research a few different web hosting companies to see which one is right for you. Like I mentioned above, I prefer Bluehost for my sites because I’m so familiar with it and it’s really easy to use.

If you would like more information on Bluehost and what they offer, please see the link below. Web Hosting $6.95


Since I believe in Bluehost so much for web hosting, I have become an affiliate for them and will receive a commission if anyone does sign up but I promise, none of my opinions have been swayed from the fact that I’m an affiliate. I became a believer in Bluehost first and I want to help all of you looking to create a blog.

2) Publishing Platform

As I mentioned earlier, the company that you actually build your website with is different than a host company like Bluehost. There are separate companies that you can use to build the nuts and bolts of your website with.

The nice thing about some web hosting companies is that they can help you set up your publishing platform through them so you don’t have to do too much work setting them up. For example, if you are using Bluehost as your web hosting company, you can add a platform such as WordPress with only a few clicks.

The process is really easy and I was shocked when I did it for the first time.

Now, even though there are plenty of options for publishing platforms, I really only have experience with one company and that is WordPress.

    • WordPress

WordPress is a very common platform for building websites and is popular because it is so user friendly, not to mention it’s FREE. No matter what your experience is in building websites, WordPress can be beneficial to you because YOU are able to control how much customization you want on your site.

I think the main reason why WordPress is so popular is because it is great for beginners just learning how to create a blog. You are able to use pre-loaded themes to help create a unique appearance for your blog. Plus, making posts and building pages in your blog can be done with a few simple clicks of a button.

To learn more about WordPress, please see here!

Final Thoughts

Now I’m sure you’re a little overwhelmed and wondering what creating a blog can do for you but I promise you, it’s not as hard or overwhelming as it seems.

I came into this as a person with ZERO experience with building blogs and websites and I’ve made various architecture blogs.

Remember, it’s all about the passion that you put into your blog. It really won’t go anywhere unless YOU are dedicated to the content of your blog.

So I advise you to take your time and think about what you want out of your blog. After that, setting it up will be a piece of cake.

Good luck!