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Mar 05

How To Design An Efficient Solution on the Roof Plan Vignette

On the Roof Plan Vignette of the ARE, designing an efficient solution will be one of the critical factors in determining if you pass or fail that exam section. Also make sure you hire a roofing contractor such as Trusted Roofing company. Like most ARE vignette sections, learning how to design the most efficient solution …

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Feb 27

How To Manage Your Time During The Building Layout Vignette

Learning how to manage your time on the Building Layout vignette an important aspect to understand because a lot of ARE candidates don’t manage their time efficiently. Even though finishing on time is typically not an issue with this vignette (since you have 4 hours to do it), it’s important that ARE candidates come up …

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Feb 20

How To Determine the Minimum Stair Width on the Stair Design Vignette

On the stair design vignette, understanding how to determine the minimum stair width is essential in completing your final design. Like most ARE vignettes, an important factor in scoring your vignette is the EFFICIENCY of your solution. Most vignettes can be solved in multiple ways so the key to determining a successful solution is largely …

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Feb 07

3 Tips For Passing the Site Grading Vignette

The Site Grading vignette is 1 of the 2 vignettes that make up the Site Planning and Design exam of the ARE. Of the 2 vignettes, the Site Grading vignette is definitely the more overlooked vignette so we’re going to take a look at 3 tips that you should know in order to pass this …

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Feb 01

3 Tips for Passing the MEP Layout Vignette

The MEP layout vignette is the only vignette that makes up the Building Systems exam of the ARE. In order to successfully complete this vignette, you will be asked to create a lighting layout, a ceiling layout, and an HVAC layout all on one reflected ceiling plan. The vignette will test your ability to follow …

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