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Jan 07

Taking Advantage of the ARE 5.0 Transition

For those ARE candidates that will be transitioning from 4.0 to ARE 5.0, there are a few ways you can take advantage of the transition. Since the new ARE 5.0 version will have 6 brand new exam divisions, there is some overlap between these new divisions and the previous 7 divisions of ARE 4.0. There …

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Aug 21

ARE Retake Policy

In June of 2014, NCARB announced a change to the ARE retake policy that will go into effect in October of 2014. This new change to the policy will affect all ARE candidates that are currently taking the exams. What’s The Change? Essentially what the change does is reduce the amount of time candidates have …

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May 09

ARE – Schematic Design Exam

The ARE Schematic Design Exam is rare because it’s the only ARE exam that does not contain a multiple-choice exam. Instead, this exam division simply consists of 2 graphic vignettes that are treated as separate sections of the test. Many candidates fall into the trap and think that they don’t need to study for the …

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May 06

ARE – Site Planning Exam

The ARE Site Planning Exam is an important test because it tests your understanding of various issues relating to both site analysis but also site design. Although sometimes the architect is not brought on board a project until after a piece of land is purchased, architects play an important role in the design and development …

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May 05

ARE – Programming Exam

The ARE Programming Exam tests candidates on issues relating to the preliminary planning and design of a building. Before schematic design and design development can even begin, a lot of time is spent programming spaces and estimating preliminary budgets. The idea of building programming gets into issues of adjacency planning, building area and other functional …

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