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Feb 11

ARE Advisor Vignette Series – Complete Package

The ARE Advisor Vignette Series Complete Package is now available for candidates looking to prepare for the ARE. As I’m sure you’re well aware, each ARE exam division is broken down into a multiple-choice section and a vignette section. Personally, I feel that many people under-prepare for the vignette section of each test and that …

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Nov 14

ARE Advisor Vignette Series – SS Vignette Guide

Welcome to the SS Vignette Guide, a part of the ARE Advisor Vignette Series. I’d like to introduce you to this downloadable eBook that is designed to walk you through the Structural Layout Vignette step-by-step! Like I’ve said throughout this site, I believe that the vignette portion of every ARE test is by far the …

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Jul 09

ARE Structural Systems Practice Exams

May 01

ARE – Structural Systems Exam

The ARE Structural Systems Exam might be the exam that is most feared by most candidates. There are a number of reasons why people seem to fear this exam. Maybe it’s because most architects don’t deal specifically with the design and selection of structural systems on a daily basis (that’s what consultants are for, right?). …

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Apr 12

ARE – Structural Systems Vignette

The ARE Structural Systems Vignette is often forgotten about due to the fact that the multiple-choice section of the Structural Systems exam is arguably the most difficult of the 7 ARE exams. The multiple choice section will require a lot of time and preparation because of the broad range of topics that are included on …

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