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Feb 11

ARE Advisor Vignette Series – Complete Package

The ARE Advisor Vignette Series Complete Package is now available for candidates looking to prepare for the ARE. As I’m sure you’re well aware, each ARE exam division is broken down into a multiple-choice section and a vignette section. Personally, I feel that many people under-prepare for the vignette section of each test and that …

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Feb 01

3 Tips for Passing the MEP Layout Vignette

The MEP layout vignette is the only vignette that makes up the Building Systems exam of the ARE. In order to successfully complete this vignette, you will be asked to create a lighting layout, a ceiling layout, and an HVAC layout all on one reflected ceiling plan. The vignette will test your ability to follow …

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Aug 25

Adding HVAC to the MEP Vignette

When adding HVAC elements to the MEP vignette, it’s important to remember that there will be multiple “correct” solutions. The key to designing your layout will be EFFICIENCY. You will need to design an HVAC layout that meets all of the programmatic requirements while using the least amount of ductwork possible. Efficient solutions are key. …

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Aug 22

Analyzing the Lighting Diagrams on the MEP Vignette

One of the big keys in the MEP Vignette is analyzing the lighting diagrams and determining the spacing of your lights. Before we get too far into it, let’s quickly review what’s associated with this specific vignette. The MEP Vignette The MEP Vignette is the only vignette included in the Building Systems Exam. In this …

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Jul 21

ARE Advisor Vignette Series – BS Vignette Guide

Welcome to the BS Vignette Guide, a part of the ARE Advisor Vignette Series. I’d like to introduce you to this downloadable eBook that is designed to walk you through the MEP Plan Vignette step-by-step! Like I’ve said throughout this site, I believe that the vignette portion of every ARE test is by far the …

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