ARE Study Guides and Materials

Using the right ARE study guides and materials is essential when it comes to passing all 7 divisions of the ARE. By the time you’re done with the ARE, you’ll most likely know your study guides like the back of your hand.

Although NCARB does not directly publish a review guide for the ARE, there are several products and guides available that take a comprehensive look at all divisions of the ARE. These ARE study guides will almost certainly overwhelm any candidate that opens them up for the first time but will definitely become a valuable and essential tool by the end of the ARE process.

Most ARE study guides are broken down by exam division and will typically provide a through overview of all major content ares on each test. Of course, some exams cover a lot more content than others so the chapter sizes vary a lot but the level of detail for each exam is about the same.

The 2 main publishers that sell ARE study guides are PPI and Kaplan. Personally, I used the PPI products when taking the ARE because I had heard that their study guides were much helpful so I trusted them over Kaplan. PPI study materials include a review manual (which is the comprehensive study guide for all divisions) and review flashcards. These two products do a good job complementing each other and I would certainly recommend using both to study.

My Experience With The PPI Study Guides

Like I said above, I almost exclusively used the PPI study materials when preparing for my ARE exams. Nothing against Kaplan, but I had heard from many colleagues and ARE candidates that the PPI guides do a much better job at preparing you for the exams. After passing all of my 7 ARE exams, I couldn’t agree more.

The PPI review manual is organized very well and is broken down in a way where it doesn’t seem too overwhelming to study. With so much content to review for each ARE test, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information that you need to know. The PPI guide helps to break up the text with a lot of images, charts, and tables to help explain the content of each exam. For me, these extra visual guides were extremely helpful because I tend to lose focus very easily when reading too much text in a row.

I would certainly recommend the PPI review manual and review flashcards to anyone preparing for the ARE. I stand by the these products not only because I found them extremely useful, but also because I know many colleagues and classmates that have used PPI and have had success passing the ARE with them as well.

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ARE Review Manual


The ARE Review Manual by PPI will include:

  • A detailed and thorough review of the content areas covered on all 7 exam divisions
  • Hundreds of tables, charts, images and figures
  • Advice, tips, and strategies on how to take the exams
  • Exam preparation guidelines
  • Graphic vignette guidelines and strategies

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ARE Review Flashcards

The ARE Review Flashcards by PPI will include 400+ flashcards designed to help you:

  • Understand key concepts
  • Memorize key definitions
  • Increase your problem-solving speed
  • Improve your confidence

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