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ARE Schematic Design Practice Exams

ARE Schematic Design Practice Exams (SD)

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About the SD Practice Exams By PPI

The Schematic Design Practice Exams are designed to prepare you for every aspect of this exam division. This the SD test does not include any multiple-choice section, the entire focus of the practice exams are on the 2 vignettes.

The 2 vignettes that the practice exams will explain are the interior layout vignette and the building layout vignette. You will be required to pass both of these vignettes to pass the Schematic Design exam.

These practice exams from PPI are designed to sharpen your problem-solving skills, increase your problem-solving speed and confidence, and assess essential knowledge. Each vignette includes a site plan where you create your solution. These site plans are accompanied by valuable tips for creating passing solutions on the actual computerized exam.

Also included in the SD Practice Exams are fully-explained examples of passing and failing designs to help you sharpen your problem-solving skills. On the actual exam, the interior layout vignette will be treated as a completely separate section from the building layout vignette so it’s also important to understand how time affects the 2 sections.


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I really hope that these ARE practice exams will be beneficial to you. Remember, it’s important to use these exams as a supplement to the other study materials.

Don’t wait until the last minute to take these practice exams because you simply won’t have enough time to benefit from them. I certainly recommend these study guides to anyone hoping to pass the ARE.

Good luck everyone!

– Mike