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ARE Review Flashcards

ARE Review Manual

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About the ARE Review Flashcards By PPI

The Review Flashcards are designed as a supplemental tool to the ARE Review Manual to help candidates better retain the content for the exams.

With over 400 flashcards, this package is designed to help you:

  • Understand key concepts
  • Memorize key definitions
  • Increase your problem-solving speed
  • Improve your confidence

Similar to the Review Manual, the ARE Review Flashcards are broken up by exam division. With a variety of questions, images, definitions and charts, the flashcards are a great tool to go hand-in-hand with the Review Manual.

These flashcards can be helpful at any time during the preparation for an ARE exam. Whether it’s when you’re learning the information or if you’re just trying to quiz yourself at the end, the ARE Flashcards can be extremely beneficial.


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I really hope that the ARE Review Flashcards will be beneficial to you. Remember, it’s important to use both the flashcards as well as the review manual and the specific practice exams while you’re studying for your ARE test.

Don’t wait until the last minute to use the review flashcards because you simply won’t have enough time to benefit from it. I certainly recommend these study materials to anyone hoping to pass the ARE.

Good luck everyone!

– Mike